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4 e-commerce trends that will become popular until 2030

4 e-commerce trends

Down below, we have listed the top 4 e-commerce trends that will become popular within the next 8 years.

1. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality simulates an in-person shopping experience which means that customers are able to see how a product might look on them or in their homes at a 360-degree angle. This gives them a better insight into the value of the product.  

2. Delivery drones

There are many different advantages of using delivery drones for shipping in e-commerce, for example:

  • better speed and delivery time;
  • reduction of CO2 emissions
  • accident reduction;
  • decrease in human error;
  • and overall customer satisfaction.

It’s important to note that speed and delivery time are among the top criteria for customers when choosing an e-commerce store and drones can help with that.

3. In-App purchases on social media

Nowadays, many consumers tend to research products using social media, which means that in-app purchases are an excellent opportunity for e-commerce businesses to increase their sales. This option simplifies and shortens customer journeys and reduces abandoned transactions.

In fact, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest already allow users to buy products without leaving their platforms.

4. Voice-enabled shopping experiences

Voice-enabled shopping experience allows consumers to quickly and easily find the products they want and increases access for customers with limited mobility.