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Cookies allow web applications to respond to your requests individually. The web application can tailor the action to your needs and interests by collecting and remembering information about your choices.


Types of cookies

Marketing cookies are used to track your progress on websites and offer you products that are relevant to you.

Analytical cookies allow us to create the most convenient structure of the website as possible, collecting information about how you use our website and which sites spend the longest time. At other times, these cookies are managed by 3rd persons. (e.g. Google Adwords.) This happens in individual cases only according to the stated objectives.

Functional cookies help the website to remember the settings you have previously chosen, making sure that the visit is more convenient for you.

Mandatory cookies are necessary in order for you to freely visit and browse the website and use the possibilities offered by it, including obtaining information about services and purchasing them. These cookies identify your device, but do not disclose your identity, as well as they do not collect or collect information. Without these cookies, we cannot function properly.


Information collected.

We collect the following information:

1. the number of visiting customers,

2. time spent on the website,

3. the number of visiting customers per session,

4. the number of first-time and repeating customers,

5. the translucency programme used,

6. from where the website is visited,

7. internet service provider,

8. the type of device,

The 9th way we were achieved.


Your consent

By clicking the "Understood" button on our website for the window with a message that cookies are being used, you confirm that you have read this information. Your browser's security settings allow you to restrict or delete these cookies. Please note that refuting some of these cookies will prevent us from working properly. It is not possible to accept mandatory and functional cookies.