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eCommerce development

Development of online stores for your business

The fact that e-commerce has gained enormous popularity in recent years and the fact that it will only grow and develop is an inevitable fact. The opportunity to purchase goods and services online has made people's daily lives immeasurably easier, saving an expensive amount of time resources to visit shops.

As with all new trends, they are replacing the old ones and, unfortunately, most of the business models that have been practiced so far will no longer be able to survive in today's new – digital age. Therefore, it is very important for every business owner who wants to maintain and improve their market and competitive positions to understand and find the most suitable way to use this new trend to their advantage and get the maximum profit from it.

We are here to give you the tools you need that will allow you to be competitive in today's e-commerce environment.

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What do we offer?

  1. Consultation

    There is an idea, but do not know how to implement it correctly and where to start? There's no reason to be alarmed!

    We have developed e-commerce solutions for different business models and will be happy to share our experience! Our team consists of professional strategists, project managers, specialties, web designers and technicians who are able to find solutions for even the most complex and crazy customer ideas.

    We will be happy and enthusiastic to advise on all the important steps and truly delve into your idea to give maximum results in the implementation of your e-commerce idea.

  2. UI/UX Design

    Given the huge popularity of e-commerce, huge competition between companies is inevitable. If you want your company's brand to be competitive, it's vital that your site visitors have the most comfortable and pleasant interaction with your e-commerce platform.

    Beautiful, eye-pleasing design and handy, easy-to-understand, transparent arrangement of elements are among the most important criteria for customers, a visit to the store, to be remembered as a pleasant visit, where to return again and again. WD Market employs highly qualified and talented web designers with rich experience baggage who will be happy to help your customers get this experience.

  3. Custom functionality

    The basic function of the e-commerce platform is to sell a product or service and in order for this feature to be implemented, one of the first steps is to choose the appropriate content management system that will provide the necessary functionality for your online store.

    A small store, with 5 simple products, certainly won't need the same features as a huge store with thousands of products available in hundreds of variations. We have worked with both small local entrepreneurs and large international traders. We will help you find the best solution for your needs!

  4. Automation

    E-commerce has not only made everyday life easier for buyers, but also for the merchants themselves. E-commerce solves many of the processes that need to be carried out when trading in person through automation. Product selection, customer information, delivery address, notification of the availability of the item in stock, payments and many other processes.

    For the success of these hands, it is no longer necessary for any employee to stand by and look after everything. In e-commerce, most processes can be automated.

    Whether it's standardized automation available in all e-commerce finished solutions, or an individual idea that needs to be customized by you, come to us and together we will find the most suitable solution to automate your business processes as efficiently as possible.

  5. API OR Application Programming Interface

    The product has run out, but in order to find out about it by your supplier and to check if he still has it available in stock, you have to call specially and settle everything through the phone? Similar to internal business processes, other processes can be automated and made as simple as possible.

    If the warehouse has its own internal system, why not connect with it and take this whole process out of your hands? This is just one example of how an API can facilitate the external processes of a business. What idea came to mind about how to make your daily life easier in this regard?

    Come to us, together we will consider all possible solutions and implement the most effective ones to save your time and facilitate your company's processes.

  6. Analytics

    In order to track the performance of your platform, it is very important to carry out various analyses and collect statistics. What advertising campaigns have been successful? Has the targeted target audience been reached? What sources do customers come from?

    At what point does the client leave the platform? All this is very important information that is necessary to understand what improvements need to be made in order to optimize your e-commerce platform and business practices or marketing strategy. There are many different tools available for performing such analytics.

    We will help you choose and integrate the most suitable tools that reflect the information you need.

  7. SEO

    As you know, the basic function of the e-commerce platform is to sell, but it will be impossible if there are no customers to sell to. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a process of reinforcing the store's presence in internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

    It aims to create an unpaid flow of data from natural search results. The better the SEO, the higher the positions in search engine results, which in turn provide more opportunities to attract new customers. There are many different nuances that affect SEO, such as keywords, platform structure, internal and external linking and many others.

    Trust us to do seo of your web site and increase the flow of store customers

  8. Support

    The e-commerce plaform has been created, but after a while a technical problem arises?

    Provide early and use the support services we provide. Feel safe and confident that you will always receive professional help when a technical, unforeseen situation arises.

    We are a web development agency that ensures that our customers are happy, successful and growing!

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